Fronter is a Service

What does this mean?
Technically, it means that you buy a license to use Fronter without owning the software. Because the software is provided through the web browser, you don't need to buy expensive hardware to store and maintain it. It also means that we enter into a lasting relationship. A relationship where we care about your success because our success depends on it.



We will help you join the growing community of successful Fronter schools. We have over 10 years experience implementing Fronter globally to thousands of schools and millions of users. You can be sure that when you choose Fronter you will be supported every step of the way. Our specialist team will work with you creating a roll out plan tailored to your unique needs.

  • Project management

    Draw on experience of our project teams to supervise implementation


There is no need to worry about storage and back up - leave that to Fronter's world class technology environment. We have all the latest hardware and a dedicated team of hosting experts to look after your school. And we can guarantee levels of uptime of at least 99%. Our hosting centre deals with upgrades, backups, virus scans, so you don't have to.

  • Fronter hosting

    Complete hosting solution with data security, virus control, regular data backup and much more

  • External hosting

    Support for external hosting providers

Service desk

Your school's trained Fronter Administrator has access to Fronter's service desk. This is part of our service commitment to you, the users. Your administrator doesn't need to waste time trawling the internet and chat forums to find answers to their questions. In addition to the service desk we have a tailored internet site for Fronter Administrators promoting collaboration and best practice.

  • Support

    Unlimited support for accredited Fronter administrators

  • Setup

    Help from Fronter setting up including data synchronisation, user imports, single sign on and Integration services

  • Content migration

    Transfer content from other learning platforms to Fronter

  • Automatic user import

    From Student Administrative Systems (SAS/MIS)


We believe in openness and support all the most important standards to make it easy to integrate with other providers of software. Fronter integrates with most Management Information Systems, automatically updating with the latest student information saving teachers and administrators time. See the features list and imagine Fronter as the learning hub for your school.

  • Single Sign On

    Switch between different applications in use at a school using a SSO

  • LDAP authentication

    Authenticate with LDAP servers

  • Data synchronisation

    via Fronter using SIF, move and synchronise data between applications


We have teams of experienced trainers to help you make the most of your platform. We will train you in the administration of the platform and in its pedagogic applications.

  • User conference and events

    Stay up to date and share best practice with Fronter organised events

  • Workshop

    Fronter workshops for school managers and teachers

  • Academy

    To ensure you optimise Fronter and reach your goals we offer accreditation and training courses delivered by our highly experienced team


We take learning personally and offer a personal consultancy service to help you progress with implementing Fronter. We recommend you visit your local Fronter page to learn details about locally delivered services.

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