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Learn from others and share your stories

While we have been in the teaching and learning business for many years, we continue to be amazed by the creativity and imagination of our users. We have created a space for us to share and learn from each other. We hope that you will use it and enjoy the learning.

Personalised learning

Every pupil learns in a different way, at a different pace, with different strengths and weaknesses. So the more personal learning gets the more effective it becomes. As a great teacher, you already know this. With Fronter, you can personalise learning online, in a way that it cannot be in a classroom alone:

Easily create individual learning paths for every pupil and use individual learning plans to assess individual progress. Clearly presented overviews of results data will help you target teaching. You may also find that when you open up new communication channels, you give life to new voices.

Raise standards

Learners of all ages have told us they enjoy learning using Fronter, that's important. When pupils enjoy their learning experience, they're likely to be more committed to their studies, raising attainment. Automated tests and learning paths give instant feedback to learners and lets teachers know if there are problem areas. Make learning effective and enjoyable with Fronter.

You can create rich content for all ages. Use online assessments and tests to monitor learning outcomes. Bring courses to life by uploading or linking to rich content and resources or by collaborating online with schools around the world.

Save time

Preparing and executing great learning activities takes time. We know that. Fronter can help you save time by automating administrative tasks. That way you have more time to spend on the important business of teaching.

  • Automated marking of tests
  • Share resources with colleagues
  • Quickly and easily establish the areas for individual improvement based on results statistics
  • Engage with parents online and instantly
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