Fronter is a virtual learning environment

Created to help teachers be great teachers


Personal Work

Personal Learning Environment

Fronter provides a personal learning environment where contacts, files, resources, documents, school information, latest news, are all stored in one secure central space, accessible anytime anywhere. Better organisation equals better results. 

  • Today Portal

    Latest info from Rooms in Fronter and external RSS.

  • Email client

    Complete e-mail client with support for POP3 and IMAP.

  • RSS reader

    Display RSS feeds from external sources on the Today portal.

  • Resources

    Cloud like hard drive to save personal files which can be closed or shared

  • Portfolio

    Learning overview in Personal portfolio of activities and results - can be transferred

  • Visual Mail

    Write, draw, or record a message to teachers or classmates

  • Blog Client

    Edit you external blogs directly from within Fronter

  • Meeting

    Personal web conferencing tool with multiple features

  • Stickies

    Internal messaging system in Fronter

  • Entrance Hall

    Visual overview and easy access to rooms from the Today portal

  • To-do list

    Personal task list with progress indication


Learning Management System (LMS)

If you think about it, most likely you have learnt something new recently and it made you feel great. That's the power of learning. Some people are lucky enough to work with this every day. While learning is enjoyable, it's not always effortless.  Your school needs hard working and dedicated teachers to inspire pupils to learn.

We can help you with our learning tools. Set tests, create hand in assignments, design individual learning plans and let learning flourish.

  • Hand in

    Folders for submission of assignments and evaluation

  • Test

    Tool for test creation with options for format and design

  • Learning path

    Structuring learning pages to facilitate personalised learning

  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

    Individual assessment of progress

  • Learning goals

    Imported/customisation of learning goals for goal orientated work

  • Question database

    Shared database for test questions


    SCORM courses can be run from Fronter

  • Result matrix

    A total overview of student results

  • Sound recorder

    Record and save sound clips directly in Resources and Pages

  • Video

    Save, play and link to video clips and other multimedia files

  • External repository search

    Search in predefined external repositories

  • Parental log in

    Unique access for parents to their child’s portfolio


Collaboration and Communication

Think about the qualities of great teachers. They seem to know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to. Teachers are great communicators, they make it look easy. Fronter has been created to harness the positivity of great communication.

We believe everyone has a voice and everyone has the right to be heard. Fronter opens communication channels between teachers and pupils and between schools, teachers and parents.    

  • Messages

    Send messages to all members in a room

  • Document

    Create and share documents with an inbuilt editor and version control

  • Forum

    Discuss, converse, debate, brainstorm and Q&A for the ultimate collaboration forum

  • Contacts

    List of personal contacts and friends, which can be shared

  • Chat

    Real time chat and instant messenger feature

  • Calendar

    Organise personal meetings and book resources through the calendar

  • Voting

    Simplified tests for assessing opinion

  • Activity folder

    Archive for activities specific to a project plan

  • Liveroom

    Web conferencing tool with sound, chat and interactive whiteboard for unlimited number of participants online


Learning Content Management System

Create, upload, edit and publish work within your 'virtual school building' to create compelling courses and learning activities.

  • Page

    Combine text, images, links to create customised pages with dynamic content and layout

  • Free text search

    Search content created and uploaded to Fronter

  • Links

    Shared link resources with comment function

  • News

    Publish news and stories and control publishing and expiry date

  • Statistics

    Statistical overview of activity in a room linked to hand ins, tests, uploaded content.

  • OES

    Direct open, edit and save for files in Fronter


Administration of the Fronter Platform

We wouldn't design and create a whole platform packed with tools and functionality without giving you some way of managing it. In fact, managing your Fronter Virtual Learning Platform is easy. Not nearly as daunting as standing in front of a class of school children explaining Pythagoras Theorem.

  • Room

    Basic building block of Fronter. Rooms (courses) can be exported as an IMS package

  • Organisation

    Structure customised to your region/school

  • Rights and roles

    Define rights and roles

  • Settings

    Customise top level and local settings

  • Members

    Lists specifying access rights in rooms

  • Reports

    Graphical overview of activity in Fronter

  • Database clean-up

    Admin routines for effective database management

  • Help

    Direct link to help within Fronter

  • Language support

    Choose from a range of languages - Fronter supports right to left

  • User-defined tool

    Option to define your own tools in a room


PlusPacks allow you to boost your Fronter building by adding extra features and functionality. Not every school has, needs or wants the same, so PlusPacks are sold separtely and you only pay for what you need.

  • E-mail hosting

    E-mail server, fully integrated with Fronter

    More info
  • Blackboard Collaborate

    Upgrade Meeting to include video and recording of sessions for an unlimited number of users

    More info
  • Ephorus

    Plagiarism check for hand-ins to Fronter

    More info
  • Creaza

    Video and sound editing, mind mapping and cartoon creation

    More info
  • Webfronter

    Publishing tool for easy website creation and hosting

    More info
  • SMS messaging

    Purchase SMS quotas for sending text messages to members or contacts

    More info
  • MediaWiki

    We will host the wiki & maintain the integration. Available only at primary hosting site

    More info
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